DeepMountain Syndicate

DeepMountain Session Ten

Accounts told by Falvard’s journal.

DAY 31

The members of the watch headed back into the crypt with the rest of the militia waiting outside. They soon returned to the room with the golem, which had a door at the far side. Orsik didn’t notice any traps or sound coming from the other side. Lucky for the small group, the lock was easily picked by him.

Area 3 & 4: We entered a large room with a large coal pit and two braziers on either side of it. The décor of the room had a forge motif. Orsik and Bog inspected the braziers and the pit and found nothing out of the ordinary. Beyond the pit was a door, which Orsik decided to inspect. Once Orsik began to fiddle with the door, three creatures of fire appeared, 2 from the braziers and a larger one from the pit. Orsik was the first to get knocked out after realizing his attacks were pretty much ineffective against the creatures. Yardin cast darkness before firing his spells at the mass of flames. Bog decides to try and break down the door since most of our party was trapped in a hallway with the fire beasts at the other end. Therak goes on defense and heals Orsik. During the battle, we notice the other two smaller fire creatures didn’t move and our party decided to focus on the larger fire mass. Orsik rolled away and managed to open the door to the other side. Unfortunately, that triggered the fell fire beast to blaze through us to prevent anyone from entering. The fire damage was enough to take out Orsik, which allowed the creature to focus his attacks on Bog. Our party finally was able to figure out that spells and magic weapons were the only things that were effective against this creature. I manage to get some attacks in between healing. Orsik resumed his method of rolling away once healed. This time the fire beast was attacked by an animated carpet since his flames began damaging it. This was a welcome breather as we had a few seconds to heal up and reposition ourselves before the beast of fire destroyed the carpet. We weren’t lucky enough for the second carpet to come to life. We finally manage to take down the flames. Battered and low on resources we decided to leave the other two living flames alone and take a short rest. We headed down the hallway from where we rested and came across a magical warded door, which Orsik was able to detect, but couldn’t open. The rest of the hallway ended in stairs, which led into water. Our party left this hallway and returned to the area where we fought the animated armor to take the stairwell and passageway leading up.

Area 5: The stairs leads up to an elongated room with two Iron like bulls on the far side of the room in front a hallway with stairs going down. As we entered, the iron bulls were actually not statues but alive and started to attack us. The bulls first sprayed their gas to try to immobilize us. Afterwards they set their eyes on Therak and flanked him. Orsik and Bog fought one while the rest of us focused on the other one. The battle ended quickly compare to our last fight. Not needing to take a short rest, we continued downwards.

Area 6: As we headed to an intersection one going left and the other right. We notice our rogue Orsik vanished. It wasn’t long and we heard a crash and whelp as a trap door appeared below our fellow comrade. Unfortunately this wasn’t the last as our rogue fell through another intersect on the left side of the path.

Area 7: The door was unlocked and as we entered, the room smelled of brimstone and in the center of the room was a cylinder of smoke and magical runes etched on the ground. Orsik noticed several items and coin piled in the centered and came up with a plan to use a rope to drag out some of the treasure. Unfortunately for us, by doing so we release some type of demonic creature that was sealed. The creature quickly attacked Bog and Therak grappling them to prevent them from moving. Knowing this was too much for our small party to handle, Yardin made the decision to retreat and gather our militia at the entrance to have a better chance to dispatch this creature. Orsik followed suit and I stayed behind as long as possible to make sure the other could escape. Therak ordered the remaining party to retreat while he makes a last stand. I retreated only to hear the screams of Bog and Therak before I fell into a pit. I used a potion of gases form to help climb back up and hoped that I can reunite with my party and defeat this creature before it escapes into Trailsends.

DeepMountain Session Nine
Into the Crypt

Day 30:

Members of the watch headed to the damaged ship to drop off Orsik and Viet for their daily task of repairing the sea vessel. As they approached the moored vessel a commotion with a group of Dwerrowen militia stood blocking the crowds from approaching the sea vessel. Apparent was a battle scene with corpses on the deck of the boat. A few bodies of Dwerrows were seen strewn upon the deck. The shocked friends headed to the nearby Dwerrow Captain to ask some questions regarding the scene. Orsik negotiated with the captain to investigate the boat using their rank and reputation.

Upon entering the boat, the sturdy youngbeards got ambushed by a huge creature that burst up from the iron gate leading to the ships hold. At first it appeared to be an undead creature but that wasn’t the case as radiant spells had their normal effects. The creature attack Yardin first and Orsik responses back. During the fight some other undead like creatures entered from the ends of the ships and frightened most of the team. It took the Dwerrow an awhile but they finally was able to defeat the creatures. Yardin took down the big guy. Orsik was able to finish off one of the other creature. Falvard tried to heal Viet but both his mundane and magical healing didn’t work. After the battle, Falvard carefully studied Viet and found out that he was cursed. Falvard was able to determine that Viet was afflicted by mummy rot, which needs to be healed by a remove cursed. The adventurers entered the captain’s quarters, which was decorated macabre style with skulls and fat candles. They find a letter to the captain about delivering heads to clear his debt. Search the crypt to release the avatar to make the weave available and in turn make the shards less valuable. Yardin finds a ledger book with a head count of 85. Orsik finds a bolthole to come up from somewhere below.

Some members of the watch took a short rest and helped Therak bring Viet to the Valdann clan to treat him and to send someone to summon our whole watch members. The Watch members then headed down into the bolthole while Orisk search for traps. Orsik notice a hidden room splattered with blood and the remains of dismembered slaves of approximately 75 dead around the altar. Members of the remaining watch followed Orsik towards the altar. The bodies of human, Halfling, gnomes and orcs were identified. The altar looked similar to the altar the youngbeards saw in the cavern off the aqueduct.

The defunct Dwerrowen Watch members continue through another door that leads to a false stairways going up to a hallway. Orsik took the watch to places that he wasn’t allowed to explore before. They checked the barracks and notice it was well kept compared to the other areas. Orsik finds a scroll case and hands it over to Yardin to read.

Bog from Wergal Clan the Barbarian was sent while Viet recuperated.

After searching the ship the members of the watch met with the council to report the dangers to Trailsend regarding the crypt upon the side of the caldera. A runner was sent to check on the guards who were on duty at the hillside crypts. The council allowed the youngbeards to check upon the unheard from guards, but unfortunately when they got there the guards and the runner was not to be found.

The authorized members of the watch entered the crypt and as they turned the corner it was notice many rows of Dwerrowcraft armor upon dials situated in recessed alcoves. Orsik wanted to take a closer look and as he stepped toward the armor it animated and began to attack.

The first armor was taken down fast but the rest surrounded Orsik. The companions quickly dispatched the animated armor but unfortunately, the statues outside the crypts door sealed us inside the crypt, unfortunately the Dwerrow armor after the battle appeared to be not useful.

The companions adventured around the corner and Orsik notice a well in the ground. While he was searching the hallway, the adventures were attacked by a stone golem. When in the mist of the battle, Yardin whelped as an air elemental came up through the well. The elemental knocked out Yardin, not too long after Orsik was dealt several blows from the stone golem. Yardin was able to deal enough damage for Bog to finish off the elemental in mortal combat.

With the watch members resources running low they focused on the golem. Soon the remaining watch members manage to take it down in glorious Dwerrowen fashion. Battle worn, the fellowship decided to head back to the entrance to rest for the night, luckily for the small group, Orsik was able to unlock the front doors so they could rest outside for the evening.

DeepMountain Session Eight
Onto the Depth of the Ship

Day 24:

The youngbeards returned to Trailsend and the next day Orsik and Therak headed to Clan Valdann with Falvard’s body. While others returned the bodies of their fallen comrades to their respective clans. Therak reported to the Valdann clan elder but unfortunately didn’t follow through with the mission of investigating the death of the last expedition nor the unease in which the clan felt toward Yardin’s account of what took place.

When the watch members reported to the council of Elders at the meeting hall, it was recounted their examination of the undead creatures, and the rescue of Orsik. Furthermore testimony was given regarding the mystical vault and the mechanical sounds drifting across the water cistern. The watch formally requested to return to further investigate the vault and mechanical contraption. It was granted and the party was given 4 days to get ready.

The Blind Elder summoned our party after the meeting with the council. Falvard appeared to be with her, alive. Falvard caught up with Orsik and Yardin about what happened and his death. Orsik wanted to inquire about his request for access into the hillside crypt. Therak informed the Elder about the creature in the vault. The elder questioned why the adventurers didn’t free it. The party explained that they were in bad shape and it would be best to return with the recovered bodies to Trailsend and returned to further investigate the area at a later time.

Orsik asked the Blind Elder about the deity Taranis and she explained he is the aspect of the Tempest God part of the gods in the blood host of the human pantheon. It was also explained that being human the gods had many facets of their deities both good and evil, therefore their followers could be at apposition within their own religion.

Day 25:

The Council summoned the party to investigate the machinery. The adventurers decided to gather their things and headed to the grate. From there they made their way to the vault slowly since they had several hours to investigate the aqueduct. Pass the vault and across the cistern the cogs in the watermill were spinning but not fully engaged. Orsik finds a lever and pulls it to activate the cogs. Once activated, the pool started forming a vortex and began draining. Orsik assumed using his skillful knowledge that the water was being diverted toward Trailsends. After exploring the cistern, the youngbeards returned to the vault to finish the two riddles, which should allow them access through the portals on each side.

To the left:

I go around in circles
But always straight ahead
Never complain no matter where I’m led

“Wheel” was the answer the group gave, and the portal resistance disappeared. The youngbeards discovered a chamber created like it was melted from within the solid rock. In a medium sized chamber sat an obsidian slab with a human adorned in blue and white robes. Its body was mystically twitching despite two heavy silver chains draped across its body as it laid upon the alter with the same symbol as Yardin’s god, maybe a symbolic sacrifice. The adventurers removed the chains and symbol with Yardin’s help. The creature separated into two human like figures one in blue and one in white robes. Their head turns towards the youngbeards Each of them having one blue eye and one white eye but polar opposite. One burst into a cloud and disappeared while the other flashed into lighting and escaped. Afterwards, Therak notice that the static in his head disappeared and he felt a connection with magical forces.

To the right passage:

Some try to hide
Some try to cheat
But time will know when we meet
Try as you might you guess my name
But I am sure you will recognize me when I will come for you.

The party fearing a macabre presence soon examined the last portal. Orsik explored the edges of the portal trying to discover where the resistance began. Unfortunately, when he touched the gateway, Orsik jumped back cursing. He informed the watch that he felt some type of force ripping him apart. Yardin informed the party that what happen was that Orsik came across some sort of sphere of annihilation. The party wisely decided to leave and on the way out they investigated the zombies and figured they were mostly grimlocks and Drow. The youngbeards return to the workshop to rest and decided to search the area one more time. Behind the workbench, Orsik recovers a journal. He sets it on the workbench for us to read. The Large Journal is written in Harborian and is titled “Cultures of the Dwerrow” by a human before the cataclysms. The group also read about more holidays that are currently lost to Trailsends. When they awoke from a deep sleep, Orsik finds a parchment with a drawing of a type of mechanical creature. Therak brought some tools back to his clan.

Day 26:

Upon returning to Trailsend, the party noticed several waterfalls along with statues throughout the town that were actual aquatic fountains, furthermore plumbing in the older stone buildings were flowing strong with water. Falvard was able to establish contact with the “weave” during his morning prayers. However he is still trying to understand how this newfound knowledge works with shards. The council is currently working on the paperwork to allow the watch group permission to enter the hillside crypt. It will take 7 days for the proper Dwerrowen paperwork to be processed. Falvard and Therak petition Dain’s clan to cast a spell upon his body to better preserve it from decay. The clan agrees. Orsik met with representatives of the Arentdal clan to convince them to set up a shrine to his God Taranis and convinces the members of the clan their purpose and his Gods tenets are about the same. The elder and the clan agreed to his request. Falvard and Therak reported to their clan about the two beings they freed from the vault and how afterwards their mind had more clarity when it comes to connecting to magic. Also, the next day they were able to contact the weave and draw from it to prepare their spells.

Day 27:

In hopes to gather more information about the going ons aboard the ship, Orisk and another clansman (Viet) head to clan Arentdal to trade their services for carpenters to work an equivalent time on his shrine. Yardin went on his own to speak with each council member starting with his clan Balzak.

Day 28:

Orsik was able to set up the same deal with clan Arentdal as a ship repairman’s with Viet. Yardin meets with the Blackstone clan.

Day 29:

Viet is able to work on the ship a third time. This time, he was able to gather information by going below deck; while unable to find a secret door he did hear strange noises.

DeepMountain Syndicate Session Seven

Day 22:

Yardin tasked with a mission from the elders met with four new Dwerrow.
Baern introduced himself as an entertainer dressed in robes.
Khoal introduced himself as a seasoned warrior.
Flint was a weathered sailor from the Arentdal clan.
Therak hailed from the Wergal Clan as a noble warrior.

Yardin warned the new members of the watch that they would be up against undead so prepare tthemselves before heading out in the morning.

Day 23:

A group of Longbeards meets the adventurers and escorts them through the tunnel and back to the grate. When we get to the grate, Yardin gives Khoal and Therak magical gear for the upcoming battle to attune too. While the Longbeards stood watch, we set up camp, while locksmiths set about to figure out a mechanism to secure the grate. Following is an excerpt of the testimony too the elders by the survivors of the expedition:

Khoal lead the party down the ladder. Yardin warned the group about a trap that one of his party members set off on the ladder the last time he was here. Baern suggested that he use one of his cantrips to guide us. Unfortunately, Khoal set off the trap with his weight. When we reach the ground, a fight was waiting for us. We noticed some disturbance in the water pits and all of a sudden a swarm of dead creatures burst from the pools. We stayed clustered until we noticed that the undead were following the orders of two armored intelligent undead. We focused upon these two creatures and were soon victorious. However after the battle while we were investigating the area Khoal notice that one of the controlling undead creatures body was missing.

Yardin gave the Longbeards a report after the battle before leading us to a place in the aqueduct for a short rest. He chooses an old workstation which still contained old tools and workbenches; this chamber was located behind a statue Yardin said was a likeness of Azur. Further down the aqueduct are statutes of engineers and workers who built the place. After a mile of walking down the hall, two Dwerrow figures approached. It appeared to be the walking corpses of Falvard and Dain, they had become vial undead and started attacking us. During the battle someone noticed that their mouths were sewn shut. Members of the expedition took the opportunity to slash at it, in hopes of freeing their lips. Dain started muttering murderer, he killed us and other curses. During the fight some of our hearty group succumbed to the onslaught of the deathly kin, but were revived after the undead Dwerrow were vanquished.

The watch made a rash decision to camp for a long rest in the middle of the aqueduct. This proves to be a lapse of judgment as a trio of undead creatures assaulted the party. A battle was fought and the undead were destroyed but not before Flint and Baem was slaughtered. Flint soon arose as an undead much like Alard had previously, but was soon laid to rest. The group of adventurers soon found a makeshift camp with Orisk tied up at the end of the waterway. The sound of mechanical contraptions could be heard deeper down the aqueduct, however none investigated the strange sounds.

Orsik is rescued and tells the group he was only kept alive because the creatures somehow knew he was skilled in locks and doors. However he stalled in opening a concealed door, despite knowing he could delay for only so many days before the undead took his life. During his time as a prisoner he learned the undead leader was sent here to release an entity from a poisoned state behind the door, he is sure that the undead leader started out solo until it was able to create more undead to control. During the process a strange voice sought to make contact with the group demanding to be released from its prison. While not malignant in nature the voice spoke with authority and seemed to be more coherent as each lock was removed from the portal.

When Orsik touched a vein on the wall a riddle appears.

Always smiles or maybe frown.
Sinks in water never drowns
Catches prey but never eats.

The group thinks the answer to the riddle is a “Fish Hook”

The door sinks in and with a quick search another riddle is revealed.

More powerful than all the gods
Worse that pure evil
Wetter than Water
Poor people have it, the rich don’t need

Nothing was the password and the door moves in further. Orisk begins looking for another clue on the side of the walls at this point another riddle appears.

Hands that I do not have yet I grasp so tight
I Love darkness, enemy is light
Both the Mighty and Low know me well
In the hearts of men I dwell.

“Fear” was the answer as the door moves inward.

Brothers and sisters I have none
But that mans father is my father’s son
Who is that man?

“My Son” was the answer.

When the portal door opened two passageways with two riddles were visible. However, Yardin urges the group to return to Trailsend saying the party won’t be able to take another fight. The group of adventures returns to Trailsend and take a long rest.

DeepMountain Syndicate Session Six
How the Strong have Fallen

Party: Yardin (Dominic), Orisk (David), ), Alard (Tom),
Absent: Arias (Matt), Dain (Richard), Falvard (Jon),

Day 21.

With the mysterious onset of the Heroes Curse affecting Falvard and Dain the remaining three youngbeards make the rash decision to descend into the depths of the unknown in pursuit of the Eastgate key. Before setting off the youngbeards make camp and secure their vulnerable clansmen as best they could. Orsik in a blanket of shadows descends the iron rung hole, climbing 70 feet down before being ensnared in an unseen trap. With his hands and feet trapped like a jailors manacles he falls 60 feet into a small pond. Yardin and Alard make the arduous climb down unaware of the outcome of Orsik’s fall. Despite the severe damage of the fall the innate magic of Orsiks armor allows him to surface above the water as he floats safely in the created pond. Looking around he notices the ancient Dwerrow structure is in fact an aqueduct that’s been damned with rubble to create a makeshift pond. The awe is short lived as he realizes he is not alone as something larges raises from the deeper parts of pond. Orsik stands toe-to-toe with a creature, he could only describe as resembling a crab like water dweller of enormous size, until his clans-mate arrive and help slaughter the beast. After the battle they search the few deeper shafts in the pond and discover some small loot. Exiting the pond the small group inspect the damn to find it crudely constructed with broken statues and discarded rubbish. Further inspection locates multiple alcoves five feet from the floor running south from the pond, which hold statues of dwerrow. One statue looks like Azur and with further investigation a service tunnel is located behind it. A small chamber is found which hold mason tools from the time before, this becomes a great area to set a secure camp since it appears it has not been visited for a very long time which is evident from the clutter and dust visible. While the three youngbeards rest here, the failure to use this resource appropriately may haunt them in the near future. Travelling for approximately a few miles south the depleted militia group come across the signs of a recent slaughter of many small draconic creatures and the sign of multiple construction spots upon the aqueducts eastern walls. However before a thorough investigation can be conducted the companions see and hear a horde of shuffling undead approaching them. While a large amount the group was not afraid of these lesser undead and steeped forward to vanquish this evil. All was going as planned as the mob overran the stout youngbeards until out of the darkness two of the undead creatures in armor shot a barrage of arrows into the fight, sinking shafts deep into multiple of the Dwerrow. With this new threat Alard held up a symbol of light and sent most of the vile dead running from his symbol, but this was not as beneficial as the inexperienced warriors thought. As the undead shambled off this allowed room for a more vile undead to rise up out of the floor in a blackish mist, it soon slaughtered Alard. In the rear Yardin engaged with a creature of pure shadow witnessed the death of Alard and the fall of Orsik upon the ground. Yardin turned invisible and ran, but in the process he observed the ghostly soul of Alard rise up in service to this powerful undead, as it grabbed a hold of Orsik’s neck and dragged him alive deeper south into the darkness.

Yardin fled back to Trailsend and reported to the council about the immediate danger in the aqueducts. He spoke of his brave companions and their fall in battle and the eventual overrun of the camp and the slaughter of the group. They tasked Yardin to return and recover the key and put a end to the undead threat, they gave him leave to conduct this quest.

Later that night he visited the Wergal Clan Hold in support of his mission, he meet with clan elder Anerl Maent. After the meeting Yardin returned exhausted to his clans home for the evening. Upon arriving he found a gift from his Deity to show his pleasure in the deeds of Yardin, a small creature composed of ice prostrated itself at his feet:

“Master, I here to serve”!
DeepMountain Syndicate Session Five
Out the Gate, Only to Return

Day 14:
The small militia group of youngbeards awakens the following day in their separate clan holdings. The group is called forth to the Council of Twelve for a verbal report of their adventure. Upon arrival the Elders quickly finish their current business to address the arrival of the militia group. They listen to Yardin’s accounting of their clearing out of Genhig followed by request toward the Council. The Council was perplexed about the strange appearance of Yardin, however in accordance with Dwerrow Law they took his explanation as truth. Yardin petitioned the Council of Twelve to build an Mystic obelisk in the town, however was unable to provide adequate information as to what it would do. As for the request to enter the ancestral crypt upon the caldera hillside the youngbeards were denied, however the youngbeards rallied the Council to at least vote on it the next time they meet with the Elders. As reward for their success Yardin is promoted to the rank of (Axe-lord), Alard to (Shield-bearer) followed by a city wide celebration in their honor the following evening, the companions were also given five days off before returning to duty. The Council of Twelve was then asked about the outcome of Orsik’s father. It was explained in accordance with Dwerrow Law the Longbeard was found guilty of leaving Trailsend and was sentenced to death. His belongings were returned to Orsik later that day among then an old scroll.

Honorable Longeards I have the dishonor to make this report to thee whom reads this. It was my duty to acquire, along with me a unit of Youngbeards to escort, the old paymasters wagon from Falmek, which is just in sight of Dareganarr’s light at night. With my ancestors blessing and the watchful eyes of Moradin I did me task and escorted the payload through the dangers of Dukrbek. Yet on the bridge Azenack the mules did unnaturally spook and were sent over the edge.

I do say with loss of my family’s honor that the wagon and its treasures were lost. I would humbly offer to retrieve this cache at my own expense and risk to life. I ask for your permission to leave from the current uprising of fell beast from our boarders to accomplish this task. Or I stand at my post with shame enough to shave me beard until the task is completed. I wait for word on your decision.

Your faithful knight and eternal servant,
Thr’ral Stringorge

Day 15:
The adventurers spent the day preparing for the nights celebration along with witting an official accounting of their reclaiming of Genhig. Orsik spent time securing contacts in the more seedy elements of trails end along with trading goods in exchange for wooden bowls he plans on making into wayside shrines should he ever travel outside of Trailsend.

Day 16:
The youngbeards awoke in the morning after the celebration in their honor and prepared themselves for a meeting with the Blind Elder. During the meeting the old Dwerrow was presented with the unholy symbols of Erhelgrimon where as she spat upon the ground and made a symbol of protection from the “evil eye”. When asked about it she explains that “it” is an aspect of an outside entity and was highly interested in creatures that exhibited strength over others. When shown the other Unholy symbols she told the small group that “It” was also a different aspect of the same entity. The blind elder reiterated the return of the gods, and the choice of choosing sides, whereas she makes it a point that some have made that choice already. When asked about the change in Orsik, the Blind Elder stated that he has chosen to interact with the Human Pantheon aspect of travel. During their meeting a white owl fly’s in and delivers a scroll to Falvard

Falvard Torzak of the Clan Valdann,
Like your forefathers before you youngbeard, you have chosen not the easiest path. But is it the right path? Hear my words for this is your time of need and more importantly your tribesmen time as well. Your people were once a proud clan of the Kingdom of Norgrirn. Now you move across the land at the whim of the weather like a herd of cattle. You wear the trappings of a Knight; yet have no liege to champion their cause. In your grandfathers, fathers era your clan was forced to flee from their mountain kingdom by untold evil. Many of the ruling clans fled in different directions, some never to be heard from again. How noble is your tribes held up here in Trailsend? You chose the right path knowing the consequences of your actions. Do not waste this sacrifice. Show your ancestors you are worthy. My advice to you is seek out what was lost to you and yours. Once you find your path seek me out in Two Oaks.

Day 17:
Heavy is the weight upon the shoulders of the Dwerrow clans when its identity is lost. What does a noble creature look like when it is burdened with their ancestor’s failures? One would just need to look upon the struggling faces, slumped shoulders, and turned down heads of the folks living in Trailsend. Using the word living may not be the correct usage, however any other verbiage soars from the mind like a raven upon the fleeting winds. Yet upon the lost and uninspired there is nowhere except upward.

This journey starts on a run of the mill day among the impoverished clans of the known Dwerrowen families. The safety of the seashore climate protects them from the raging winters found further inland, yet leaves them vulnerable to the dangers from the Sea of Broken Ice. This is the lot of those who dwell in this small community and they are aware of it.

From the swirling fog banks that littered the outskirts of the natural harbor at Trailsend a creaking ship emerged. Rolling gently with the incoming tide the large sailed vessel approached the shore. As the Dwerrowen warriors throughout the settlement shouted out alarms, the human sailors stood at ease upon the deck of the vessel. Soon a signal was given for parley between the two groups. To the watchmen of the clans it was apparent the sea vessel bore the scars of battle and storm damage.

From the ship a group of emissaries were brought ashore to meet the elders of the clans. The ruling council of longbeards soon brokered trade agreements with the ships captain and in the process the ship was given safe harbor. Sworn that no harm should become them while ported at Trailsend the two groups began a mutual business of trading goods. The dwarf supplied food, craftsmen’s and precious lumber to fix the sea torn ship. The ships captain paid in gold coin.

All went well until the rumors started during the next few days. While none of the craftsmen were allowed bellow deck some said they heard strange noises. It was spoken lightly that the ship was in fact a slave ship. Yet no proof could be found, only speculation.

Day 18:
Falvard spends the day searching the worth of the different coins found inside of Genhig. Unsure of their value other than as material worth in face value, they determine that the coins from Norgrin are antiqued and more than the others from Brokenwagonford and Two Oaks. Among the collectors the twin Alard was able to barter some of the ancient coins and the silvered Dwerrowen Light Hammer with the mark of Azur, however as an after thought it might not have been the best of decisions.

Day 19:
After hearing of the rumors regarding the docked ship, Alard approached the one Human who has open reign of the town of Trailsend. He introduces himself as Geoff and is the coin master of the Salty Dog, a merchant ship that plies the coast and trades mundane supplies. Geoff claims to be hauling livestock, spices, and trade goods. However Orsik and Falvard sense something not right about his story. During the conversation they discover a man named Demetrious captains the ship. The next day they return to duty and the task the Council assigned them.

Day 20:

Below is the exerts from Falvard’s journal of the six hour journey through the Eastgate:

We head to the east gate to start our second mission. Alard’s trinket orb is a master key, which we are assigned from the Council. We opened the gate and located the mechanism to open the gate from the other side. Passage way is 60ft high and 20 ft wide. The Tunnel inclines up and the next leg decline to a landing grate. Afterwards there is a 5ft staircase on each side with a 10ft wagon path. The last section is a staging area to hoist the wagon down. We find numerous remains of ice mephitis and a contingent of goblins from a huge battle.

At the end of the tunnel, Orsik was able to find a secret door. However, Dain gets a strange feeling that indicates that there are enemies nearby. Orsik open the door and actively looks if there is any danger. When he steps in, four monsters appear from the darkness. We quickly dispatched them but Orsik took a beating from clubs made of bones.

We move deeper into the guardhouse and Orsik was able to catch four dark-skinned lithe humanoids off guard and was able to kill one with a surprise attack. We tried to kill the rest but one of them was able to warn the rest of the keep. We quickly regrouped and prepped for the coming battle. The fey like creatures innate abilities of creating darkness and then outlining us in purplish lights made the battle challenging. Using strategic placements and sound Dwerrowen tactics we were able to kill off every creature accept the leader. Dain held the leader’s group in a bottleneck while I held the other passageway as Yardin and Orsik picked off the enemies one by one.

After the fight the companions determined that the lithe creatures fit the dire description from their childhood bedtime stories as those of an underground elfish race called Drow. They soon discovered a treasure trove of items, however upon clearing the gatehouse the group spied a smallish gray skinned creature escaping through a arrow slit holding what appeared to be globe with arcane symbols. Most likely the key to the entrance gates. The fellowship determined they were too tired to pursue the escaping prisoner and rested for the night.

Day 21
Upon waking the next day the patrol moved off toward Trailsend once again. However on the trip back they searched for the tracks of the escaping creature, which lead them to the drainage grate below the lift. There the group discovered a grating hatch partially open, which leads down. What will the group decide to do, head back and make a report to the council of their adventure or head into the deeper darkness below?

DeepMountain Syndicate Session Four
The Death of a Dragon

Day 11: A Day of Losses

Upon waking up from a fitful night rest the fellowship searched for their missing clansman. Drag marks lead toward the watery embankment, however no body was discovered. During the search we asked Grimm to watch over Alard and Arias who were afflicted with the hero’s curse sometime during the night. While Orsik was searching for clues to the whereabouts of the missing youngbeard, Yardin was also looking for clues of a different sort by reading through the missing Dwerrows old Journal. After a hearty morning feast the coherent companions took the skiff toward the rear entrance once again.

Below are excerpts from Falvard’s journal:

Area 22: The room appeared to be a smashed office area. Brass cylinder with a screw off top. The container was filled with an airborne poisonous substance that we were able to shrug off.

Area 23: The room has a Dwerrrow holding a Warhammer with a functioning fountain below. The statue appears to be Grand Engineer Azur. The fountain was filled with liquid that smells like Dwerrowen honey mead. Yardin came up with the idea of filling our water skins with the honey mead. Later on we discovered that the sweat nectar has healing properties, however we were unable to gain its benefit but once a day.

Area 24: As we headed down the hallway we notice a flurry of snow bellowing about at the end of the hall. To our left it looks like an open chamber, unfortunately, Orsik informed Yardin that spider webbing blocks the area. Orsik heads over to the opening by burning a path through the webbing. At the open doorway a large spider phases in front of him. The spider bites quickly and drops Orsik as he stood there in shock. With bravado Dain tried to rescue Orsik from the arachnids however he got bit and fell to the ground. Yardin and I grabbed our two fallen comrades and ran back to the fountain room and fortified our companions behind locked doors. Unfortunately the spider reappeared in the room upon the ceiling. Yardin and I decided to stand our ground, and was able to dispatch it. Among the webbing and husks we discovered treasure: one 10 lbs silver bar, one 1lb silver bar, and 16 Norgrirn Sparks (EP)

Area 20/25: We headed back to the snowy area where movement and our sight were affected by the snow flurry. The room is bare and unlike the other rooms there isn’t any trash or broken furniture except for snowy mounds. Orsik relays to us that the mounds are snow covered bodies. It appears to be the corpses of seven elves. The bodies are wearing Elven stylized equipment. Each has a necklaces engraved with a stylized tree and the word Traon etched on it. Their clothing appeared to have a sea inspired motif of dark blue, light blue, and white. The garbs are more alike a seafaring culture rather than the forest dwellers we were told stories about growing up. Dain found a bolt that is similar to the broken one the party found in the Engineers Hold.

Area 26: the snow in the previous area doesn’t affect this room. There is a fountain in the corner with a lounge on the opposite side. Yardin and Dain notice that the south side of the Keep is more designed toward a Dwerrows sensibility while the Northern side is of an Elvish likening.

Area 21: The party returned to the area where we fought the Hobgoblins their bodies still lay in a gristly heap upon the fortresses flagstones. Orsik sees Trailsends through an arrow slit and notice a black smoke bellowing from the center of town. This is the sign of the execution of a criminal, he hopes his father is well since he missed a scheduled appointment to speak to his father. Since we don’t have a way to open the outer battle doors to Trailsend, Orsik was able to open the double doors on the opposite side, which lead deeper into the citadel.

Area 27: This room has 4 other doors. Double door to the West and one door on either side. Orsik opens the door to the North. The door opens to a long passage that turns to the West. Parts of the roof in the hallway are collapsed. But the rumble has been moved to make a path. The passage ends with a door to the North.

Area 28: Orsik hears movement from the closed door. When we open this room it appears to be the private chamber of a dwarf with bookshelves, wardrobe, large bed and a chest. It appears to be in use since there are candles lit. The creature that appears before us looks like a large sized bald dwarf with physical features like Yardin (bluish skin, icicles) Yardin figures it’s the person he was tasked to defeat. With three attacks from Orsik, Dain and Yardin the fiend was defeated and reverted to a strange Dwerrow-kin we have heard whispers about around the hearth when our parents wanted to scare us of tales of old. Equipment we found are foreign made by Dwerrow hands that lack skills in artistry. Also recovered are a war pick, shield, scale mail and javelin. We also found a potion of heroism, Greater Healing, Studded Leather in the design of a deity of water, and a golden bird cage with electrum filigree. Yardin determined the library specializes in knowledge of the seas. Later it was determined the leather is magical. We soon tried the armor on but a few of us got a haunting feeling of drowning and refused to wear it, I however braved the circumstances and donned the leather suit. But I do not like it much, it makes me feel dislocated and out of touch with my Dwerrowen culture.

Area 29: We headed through the other doorway toward the other side, but Orsik tripped a trap and the ceiling started to collapse upon us all. Orsik and I went down but were brought back up with Yardin’s help. In another chamber there is a bed, an empty bookshelf and wardrobe dedicated to Grand Engineer Azur. It makes a good area to spend the night and rest. Therefore we decided to take a long rest, however Orsik was still disturbed with the nightmares and was exhausted the whole of the next day.

Day 12: A Storm of Ice Rises

Area 30: This Room is much colder than normal. It was decorated with Dwerrowen life however the murals show claw marks and splattered with feces. We could not decipher what creature made the markings but it was similar to the marks upon the doors we entered through.

Area 31: This room is 20 ft high and much colder than the rest of the rooms. There are ice spikes on the ceiling and floor with mounds of ice and snow. The room is heavily obscured by fog and darkness. The stalagmites and stalactites are actually frozen humanoid creatures in them. After inspecting the stalagmites, a young white dragon drops from the ceiling and attacks us with his breath weapon. After surprising us it moves to close the door upon Dain and attacks the rogue Orsik. I focused on healing Orsik while he attacks the dragon. We managed to kill the dragon and recovered some loot: one 10lb gold bar, 13 sparks, and a potion of speed. The party found a shrine to Yurdin’s god with leather-like parchments in a foreign language. After searching once more, Dain found a secret door at the rear of the hall.

Day 13: No rest for the Wicked

Area 32: After a long rest for the night and a slow recovery we returned to the Grand Hall and the ice shrine. The secret door opens up to a passage and I get a strange feeling in the L-Shape hallway. After searching for a bit in the hallway I find another secret door while Orsik checked the door for traps.

Area 33: This concealed door opens up to a small room. Dwerrowen statues with full plate armor and battle axes stand in all four corners. The room also emits a light glow, not magical but a strange trick of Dwerrowen engineering. Yardin was able to locate another secret door, which lead us to a dead end. However after much searching, Dain located yet another secret door. At that time the four Dwerrowen suits of armor animate and start to attack us. I was able to take one down before going unconscious myself. Orsik and Yardin took out the remaining three, which I was told later.

Area 34: Dwarrow Treasure Trove

  • Dwerrowcrafted Silvered Handaxe with a makers mark of Azur
  • Dwerrowcrafted Silvered Light Hammer with a makers mark of Azur
  • Magical Dwerrowcrafted Warhammer with the runic symbol of Azur and his office
  • Magical Dwerrowcrafted Battleaxe
  • Small Brass Chest: one 1lb. trade bar of Platinum, 13 silver Wings, a copper chalice with silver filigree worth 25gp, and 20 gold claws.
  • Large Iron Chest: One set of Magical Dwerrowcrafted Full Plate Armor, the armor is associated with the Fardan Clan._

We see a ghostly figure, Orsik says it is the same one in the beginning of our adventure at the lighthouse statue. The ghost of Bofolithic, he once owned the armor. He tells us that he is paying a penance for his wrong doing against the king. He suggests that we seek out and reclaim Norgirin and all its glory for the Dwerrows. He also tales us that in the Crypt of Eberk on the hillside of Trailsend a Stone Tome can be found among other religious texts, it needs to be back in the possession of the Dwerrow before others acquire it. The second quest is to reclaim his crypt near Alpines Rest, because it is told that inside it may be the last know resting place of Alexander’s sword. A key will be need to gain entrance. He seemed very hostile toward Yurdin.

Area 35: Covered with a layer of dust a round table with a detail etching of the area atop it. The room appears long ago to be used as a war room. Upon the walls hang four tapestries in good condition.

Area 36: This room is covered with dust as well. This room appears to be a barracks with Dwerrow cots and footlocker. Items aren’t recoverable.

Area 37: Small room that is empty. Dain was able to locate a secret door.

Area 38: Guard station cover with dust. We find hidden arrow slit that looks into the hallway.

Area 39: A secret passage connects from the other guard station to this room, which is similar. In the corner there is a pedestal that would work with Alard’s key. Our party checks the front doors and verified it is unlocked. Orsik was able to locate the lever to disable the Axe Dwarves in the harbor.

The fellowship regroups and heads into Trailsend, it is late and the small group travels to their respective homes with plans to meet up in the morning. Grimm arranges for transportation for the two twin brothers to be attended safely as the others rest through the night. Orsik wears his newly acquired Studded leather, he can be seen walking awkwardly down the street as it itches and rubs the youngbeard in all the wrong places.

Deep Cold Night
The First Snow Flakes Falls among the Cedars

The fellowship was assaulted through the night with vivid night terrors of cold dire situations involving different scenarios. Some of the companion’s night terrors involved harrowing encounters of heated despair in environments of blinding dust and searing heat. Regardless of the frightful sleep upon waking in the morning the adventures are shocked to find one of their kin, despite the effects of the Heroes Curse, gone in the night, his worldly possessions still aside his bedroll and backpack.


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