Yurdin of Clan Bolzak

Chosen of the Harbinger of Winter


This oxidized silver badge has five points upon it face and strange foreign writing, a feeling of righteousness emanates from this alien item.

Chosen of the Harbinger of Winter:
Yurdin has taken on the aspect of an Elemental (Ice) as a bargain with this outsider. This bargain has changed his appearance and demeanor to mimic the harsh climate of the arctic.


Yurdin was born in the settlement of Trailsend 18 years ago along with several others in the clan. He has always been curious of the world around him. He was always open to learning anything and everything he could, but wasn’t as willing to share it. Anytime there was a chance to obtain knowledge, Yurdin would pursue it.

Growing up, his parents talked about the days when the dwarves used to celebrate their smithing abilities, and how their clan was known for their ability to imbue armor and weapons with magic. From all the stories, Yurdin has made it his life goal to bring this lost ability back into Clan Bolzak.

Yurdin’s most prized possession is a silver badge with a 5-pointed star. On it is some unknown writing. He was told it would reveal to him great knowledge and help him on his life goal. However, up until today, he has not even figured out one word of the writing

Yurdin of Clan Bolzak

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