Alard Urten of Clan Beirut (Dead)

Twin brother to Arias (Dark)


This strange orb has small glyphs engraved upon the surface of the solid bronze orb. Clearly Dwerrow crafted what key could this orb unlock?


Alard has the deepest of black hair but in his goatee, which he keeps braided, is a stripe of white. This stripe of odd color can be seen as well in his topknot. His mother claims it is due to his connection with death; he follows in her footsteps as a cleric with the exception that he studies death almost to the point where it can be deemed as worship. He has full disdain for everyone but his mother and his twin. He yearns to leave Trailsend to see what is out there. He has Dwerrow tribal tattoos that cover his whole body; the biggest one being his families’ sigil that takes up his back (it’s an urgosh but instead of both heads of the spear being axes one is an axe and the other side is a hammer).

Alard Urten of Clan Beirut (Dead)

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