Orsik of Clan Delrid

A Locksmith haunted by the Town Drunk


A small metal container with no apparent opening, however clearly from inside can be heard numerous skittering of what can only be described as the sound of spiders upon a metal surface.


As far back as I can remember my family has never really fit in with our clan. I have the general makeup of my clan of melee brutes, and can hold my own, but I just don’t have the drive of beating others up as much as my clan does. And my father, well talk about an outcast family. We are locksmiths; this requires at least some detail of finesse and patience in a clan that specializes in roughhousing. In fact if we weren’t the only locksmiths in Trails End we would have no business because I don’t think half my clan even has doors on their homes. My father for as long as I can remember has been the town Drunk. He would always get drunk and swear that his father had had a journal from an ancestor that listed not only a different name for our clan but possibly another clan that originally hated our clan at conception. And it always went the same way, someone would say “ Yeah well show us the journal then, and he would say that he will when he finds where his ghost of the clans ancestors hid the journal. Then people would laugh at him and call him a liar or storyteller and he would drink until he passed out and I would be called to get him. Everyone always laughed at our family, and I could see why. I mean what do you say when the town locksmith is the one most likely to get drunk and lock himself and family out of his own home. Luckily I picked up locksmithing easily enough and was able to scrape by a decent enough living even supporting my crazy fathers ludicrous drinking habits.

One day 5 years ago though everything changed when I came downstairs the same as always expecting to see my father passed out at the table. Instead there was a note stating, “I found the journal, and it has a rough map to the old clans mines”. My father was gone, left Trailsend somehow or as rumors said drowned in the waters of the bay.

Orsik of Clan Delrid

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