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Deepmountain Campaign Rules

Deepmountain Campaign Rule Number 1. (Wednesday, December 31, 14)

Rule of Herbalism: Alchemical potions can be purchased at most trade stores and herbalists. A batch can be brewed up in 1d2 days and sales for 25gp per potion. A potion heals 1d4 hit points.

Deepmountain Campaign Rule Number 2. (Wednesday, December 31, 14)

Rule of Attendance: Heroes’ Curse is a supernatural disease that affects the player’s characters. Reddish sickly veins appear throughout the individual’s body, it is not normally seen unless the character is under its effects. When a player leaves the game, their character has a flare up of the disease and becomes unconscious and helpless. The fate of the character is then in the hands of the other characters.

Deepmountain Campaign Rule Number 3. (Friday, January 2, 15)

Rule of Gender: Players are required to play the same gender, so no males playing females, and etc.

Deepmountain Campaign Rule Number 4. (Friday, January 2, 15)

Rule of One: A natural one on an attack dice is a fumble, the weapon being used to attack with has disadvantage until repaired. A natural attack has disadvantage until the entity is healed at least for 1 hp. A spell is at disadvantage until a short rest.

Deepmountain Campaign Rule Number 5. (Tuesday, January 27, 15)

Rule of Karma: In the DeepMountain Campaign there are two alignments, the birth alignment is the set alignment you were born with, for game purposes this alignment never changes (unless by magic means) and is the traditional alignment associated with your race, Dwerrow is Lawful Good. The second alignment is determined by how you role-play and is of your choosing and can be swayed through game play. This allows for a character whom actions are evil, but detected magically as good.

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