DeepMountain Syndicate is a small group of individuals who enjoy playing a multitude of games. We meet on Saturdays and enjoy one another company. We are a older group all from professional fields. We like to have fun but also take our game time seriously. Hope you enjoy.

Since so many are interested in what the campaign is about I’ll attempt to illuminate you all. Try to think of a land similar to “13th Warrior”, cold, wet, misty, and a bit mystical. The land is much like a fantasy Pacific Northwest surrounded by towering mountains. The theme of the campaign is one of discovering what was once lost. The DeepMountain campaign is about adventuring and reclaiming of a homeland from the grip of unknown evil, which displaced the original occupants in the long distant past. Finding and keeping a stronghold plays heavily in this campaign.

The majority of adventure shall take place underground in tombs, caves, and dungeons. The largest of cities are week’s away leaving only destitute farmsteads and towns available. Dwarven characters will have a heavy advantage in storyline bonuses. In other words the dwarves play heavily upon the overall theme and story line.

Overall recurring theme is one of good verses evil. Right decisions verses wrong. Nothing is random in my campaign; every encounter is placed for a purpose. That purpose could be to test your characters morals, or to further the story line. So don’t be surprised if your characters are rewarded accordingly by their choices.

DeepMountain Syndicate

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