DeepMountain Syndicate

DeepMountain Syndicate Session Three

Deep into Genhig

  • Yardin: Strange feeling since waking up, such a distraction he seems to be unable to focus through the day (disadvantage on all rolls).
  • Yardin made contact with Erhelgrimon the “Harbinger of Winter” through a bloodstone Holy Symbol. He entered into a bargain with the elemental and was changed.
  • The name of the hero Bofilthic was discovered, and matched to a tapestry and statue.
  • The name of a lost clan was discovered, The Fardann Clan.
  • The name of Darethen was discovered upon the three new Holy Symbols.
  • The Symbol for Norgrirn was found upon coins.

Day 10: Deep into the Sea Citadel

The fellowship spent the night in a nearby smugglers cove and awoke among the mists of the shoreline to a bizarre situation involving one of their own. The mystic Yardin changed during the long rest, maybe a side affect of the strange noises heard from him during his sleep. Upon inspection a strange coldness could be felt emanating from his body. Furthermore his body hair changed to a snow-white color with actual streaks of frost and ice cycles in his hair. Even stranger was the change of his skin, which now appeared as a bluish tint. Yardin spins a tale that he met an entity and was charged with a task to defeat a creature in this dungeon. The group sets out once again into Genhig

From his studies the “healer” Falvard informs members of the fellowship that their companion, Yardin is showing the aspects of an ice elemental along with his birth race of the Dwerrowen.

Notes by Falvard:
Area 12: (1hr) Old Vendor stalls with random rubble and refused scatter around the room.

Area 13: (1hr) This room was covered with dirt and sand. The lower door is in shambles the room held a garbage heap with a small hole in the top center. Orsik noticed that puffs of dirt were moving in the air as well as some bones that were meticulously placed in some type of order as if someone was fascinated with death. Orsik went to check out the bones while Dain searched the garbage heap. Three creatures suddenly appeared, they looked to be created from earth and air. The small monsters attacked Dain. Orsik dealt the first blow and Alvard followed through with another superb swing. I tried to reach Dain to heal his injuries while Yardin and Orisk were able to dispatch another creature. Yardin defeated the last creature with a mystical fire bolt from his cold blue hand.

The companions searched the vanquished remains of the three creatures and recovered an equal amount of superior Holy Symbols, however these had a different symbol inscribed upon the surface of the bloodstone. The symbol was in a design of a stylized flame within a triangle. The Dwerrow runes for Darethen are inlaid in gold on the reverse side of the stone.

Area 14: (1hr) Room filled with broken furniture. Orsik was able to find a secret door. This secret room has been long sealed and contained within it an iron chest near the far west wall. The floor however was trapped, which Orsik was able to disable before anyone came to any harm. Inside the chest we discovered 666 coins struck in silver with an icon of a hammer on one side and the Dwerrow rune for Norgrin on the reverse side.

Area 9: We went back to this room so Orsik thinks there is a secret room here because it was similar to the room with the broken furniture. Unfortunately we thought the room was cleared of traps but the four of us got caught off guard and set off a dart trap. There sat a similar iron chest. Inside the chest we discovered 300 coins struck in silver with an icon of a hammer on one side and the Dwerrow rune for Norgrin on the reverse side.

Area 15: This room appeared to be a storeroom with wooden barrels, casks, and crates. Most were branded with trade runes from the Thradaleauk clan. Unfortunately all the kegs we checked were empty.

Area 16: This chamber appeared to be a tavern. We heard noises coming from the debris and rubble around the room. What soon rose fourth appeared to be old decomposed Dwerrows. Alvard displayed his newfound power and caused six of the ten vile undead creatures to move away from him. The party was able to dispatch the four not cowering from Alvard and soon moved in conjunction to dispatch the less threaten undead creatures as a team. Yardin and Orsik both found Dwerrow treasure.

The Dwerrow Yardin found three old bottles of Dwerrow Whiskey (100gp) from the many glass bottles around the bar. Orsik finds a small coffer filled with 30 golden Towers, which the companions recalled that the Ranger said these coins were the tender of Brookenwagonwheelford.

Area 17: This room has the corpses of three strange humanoids dressed in winter clothing and bearing militaristic arms and armor. Also a few Tiger beetle corpses scatter about on the stone floor. Orsik saw a tentacle creature feeding on one of the corpses. The party decides to close the door and continue forward. Alard thought the beast is a carrion crawler from Yardins detailed description. We entered the room again, it tried to surprise us but we managed to dispatch it in short time. We found more treasure among the old and new dead things in the room.

The adventurers recovered 20 golden towers from the pouches of the foreign humanoids. A few in the fellowship believe these humanoids fit the Dwerrowen lore that describes them as the evil race known as Hobgoblins. The thought was expressed that the three cold weather outfits on the corpses can be repaired or mixed into one complete set.

Area 18: Yardin listened at the door and heard the sound of water trickling. Inside was a stone statue of a dwarf with an axe, attached to the statue with water still flowing was a basin. The statue appeared to look like the ghost some members saw outside. Dain was able to locate runes from under the basin so we think it is Bofilthic from Clan Fardann inscribed in ancient Dwerrow. The basin smelled like wine and Dain and I tried sipping it. Upon drinking, it was hard to swallow because of the weak spirits it contained, but we felt better afterwards. The rest of the fellowship drank from the basin and all visible wounds were healed in front of our eyes. Even though all of us felt like retching up the overly sweet water, Dain returned to the tavern for four empty bottles and proceeded to fill each one with the water from the basin.

Area 19: This door was decorated with vines and roses. Orsik was able to unlock the door. The room was kept nice and tidy, and upon further investigation we came to the conclusion that this room was used as a brothel. Outside this room just around the corner the passage took on a wintery effect as drifts of snow and patches of ice became visible down the hallway.

Area 20: We come to an open area covered with snow. Orsik didn’t find anything of use or interest. When we continued on, we were ambushed by three small ice creatures. We got our bearings and killed the creatures. I was able to secure another bloodstone from the mephitis as I was curious about this deity Yardin was talking about.

The fellowship was able to acquire another three superior Holy Symbols of Erhelgrimon.

Area 21: A fountain with clear flowing liquid resembling water and a couch was in opposite corners. Dain investigated the fountain. Since it didn’t appear or smell of alcohol I wasn’t interested in it. However, Dain felt the need to drink it. Unfortunately it didn’t have the beneficial effects similar to the weak spirit we drank earlier. Instead, Dain mentioned it was poisonous and was lucky to shrug off the effects.

Area 22: As we approached the hallway from the fountain room, we heard the sounds of battle. Orsik opened the door and we found six humanoids finishing up a battle with rather large spider. Unfortunately, Orisk got the first wave of arrows and fell. Alard was nearby to help bring him back into the fight. Yardin and I were having trouble with our footing because we slipped on the patches of ice. We finally made it just as Orsik, Alard and Dain were doing the final blows to our new enemies. It was apparent that the two eastern doors lead to the outside, all we need to find is the locking mechanism.

The companions felt tired at this point and choose not to push deeper into the citadel. They marched back to the shoreline and rode the boat back to the smugglers cove to rest the night. They shared stories and talked of their plans for the following day.


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