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DeepMountain Session Eight

Onto the Depth of the Ship

Day 24:

The youngbeards returned to Trailsend and the next day Orsik and Therak headed to Clan Valdann with Falvard’s body. While others returned the bodies of their fallen comrades to their respective clans. Therak reported to the Valdann clan elder but unfortunately didn’t follow through with the mission of investigating the death of the last expedition nor the unease in which the clan felt toward Yardin’s account of what took place.

When the watch members reported to the council of Elders at the meeting hall, it was recounted their examination of the undead creatures, and the rescue of Orsik. Furthermore testimony was given regarding the mystical vault and the mechanical sounds drifting across the water cistern. The watch formally requested to return to further investigate the vault and mechanical contraption. It was granted and the party was given 4 days to get ready.

The Blind Elder summoned our party after the meeting with the council. Falvard appeared to be with her, alive. Falvard caught up with Orsik and Yardin about what happened and his death. Orsik wanted to inquire about his request for access into the hillside crypt. Therak informed the Elder about the creature in the vault. The elder questioned why the adventurers didn’t free it. The party explained that they were in bad shape and it would be best to return with the recovered bodies to Trailsend and returned to further investigate the area at a later time.

Orsik asked the Blind Elder about the deity Taranis and she explained he is the aspect of the Tempest God part of the gods in the blood host of the human pantheon. It was also explained that being human the gods had many facets of their deities both good and evil, therefore their followers could be at apposition within their own religion.

Day 25:

The Council summoned the party to investigate the machinery. The adventurers decided to gather their things and headed to the grate. From there they made their way to the vault slowly since they had several hours to investigate the aqueduct. Pass the vault and across the cistern the cogs in the watermill were spinning but not fully engaged. Orsik finds a lever and pulls it to activate the cogs. Once activated, the pool started forming a vortex and began draining. Orsik assumed using his skillful knowledge that the water was being diverted toward Trailsends. After exploring the cistern, the youngbeards returned to the vault to finish the two riddles, which should allow them access through the portals on each side.

To the left:

I go around in circles
But always straight ahead
Never complain no matter where I’m led

“Wheel” was the answer the group gave, and the portal resistance disappeared. The youngbeards discovered a chamber created like it was melted from within the solid rock. In a medium sized chamber sat an obsidian slab with a human adorned in blue and white robes. Its body was mystically twitching despite two heavy silver chains draped across its body as it laid upon the alter with the same symbol as Yardin’s god, maybe a symbolic sacrifice. The adventurers removed the chains and symbol with Yardin’s help. The creature separated into two human like figures one in blue and one in white robes. Their head turns towards the youngbeards Each of them having one blue eye and one white eye but polar opposite. One burst into a cloud and disappeared while the other flashed into lighting and escaped. Afterwards, Therak notice that the static in his head disappeared and he felt a connection with magical forces.

To the right passage:

Some try to hide
Some try to cheat
But time will know when we meet
Try as you might you guess my name
But I am sure you will recognize me when I will come for you.

The party fearing a macabre presence soon examined the last portal. Orsik explored the edges of the portal trying to discover where the resistance began. Unfortunately, when he touched the gateway, Orsik jumped back cursing. He informed the watch that he felt some type of force ripping him apart. Yardin informed the party that what happen was that Orsik came across some sort of sphere of annihilation. The party wisely decided to leave and on the way out they investigated the zombies and figured they were mostly grimlocks and Drow. The youngbeards return to the workshop to rest and decided to search the area one more time. Behind the workbench, Orsik recovers a journal. He sets it on the workbench for us to read. The Large Journal is written in Harborian and is titled “Cultures of the Dwerrow” by a human before the cataclysms. The group also read about more holidays that are currently lost to Trailsends. When they awoke from a deep sleep, Orsik finds a parchment with a drawing of a type of mechanical creature. Therak brought some tools back to his clan.

Day 26:

Upon returning to Trailsend, the party noticed several waterfalls along with statues throughout the town that were actual aquatic fountains, furthermore plumbing in the older stone buildings were flowing strong with water. Falvard was able to establish contact with the “weave” during his morning prayers. However he is still trying to understand how this newfound knowledge works with shards. The council is currently working on the paperwork to allow the watch group permission to enter the hillside crypt. It will take 7 days for the proper Dwerrowen paperwork to be processed. Falvard and Therak petition Dain’s clan to cast a spell upon his body to better preserve it from decay. The clan agrees. Orsik met with representatives of the Arentdal clan to convince them to set up a shrine to his God Taranis and convinces the members of the clan their purpose and his Gods tenets are about the same. The elder and the clan agreed to his request. Falvard and Therak reported to their clan about the two beings they freed from the vault and how afterwards their mind had more clarity when it comes to connecting to magic. Also, the next day they were able to contact the weave and draw from it to prepare their spells.

Day 27:

In hopes to gather more information about the going ons aboard the ship, Orisk and another clansman (Viet) head to clan Arentdal to trade their services for carpenters to work an equivalent time on his shrine. Yardin went on his own to speak with each council member starting with his clan Balzak.

Day 28:

Orsik was able to set up the same deal with clan Arentdal as a ship repairman’s with Viet. Yardin meets with the Blackstone clan.

Day 29:

Viet is able to work on the ship a third time. This time, he was able to gather information by going below deck; while unable to find a secret door he did hear strange noises.


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