DeepMountain Syndicate

DeepMountain Session Nine

Into the Crypt

Day 30:

Members of the watch headed to the damaged ship to drop off Orsik and Viet for their daily task of repairing the sea vessel. As they approached the moored vessel a commotion with a group of Dwerrowen militia stood blocking the crowds from approaching the sea vessel. Apparent was a battle scene with corpses on the deck of the boat. A few bodies of Dwerrows were seen strewn upon the deck. The shocked friends headed to the nearby Dwerrow Captain to ask some questions regarding the scene. Orsik negotiated with the captain to investigate the boat using their rank and reputation.

Upon entering the boat, the sturdy youngbeards got ambushed by a huge creature that burst up from the iron gate leading to the ships hold. At first it appeared to be an undead creature but that wasn’t the case as radiant spells had their normal effects. The creature attack Yardin first and Orsik responses back. During the fight some other undead like creatures entered from the ends of the ships and frightened most of the team. It took the Dwerrow an awhile but they finally was able to defeat the creatures. Yardin took down the big guy. Orsik was able to finish off one of the other creature. Falvard tried to heal Viet but both his mundane and magical healing didn’t work. After the battle, Falvard carefully studied Viet and found out that he was cursed. Falvard was able to determine that Viet was afflicted by mummy rot, which needs to be healed by a remove cursed. The adventurers entered the captain’s quarters, which was decorated macabre style with skulls and fat candles. They find a letter to the captain about delivering heads to clear his debt. Search the crypt to release the avatar to make the weave available and in turn make the shards less valuable. Yardin finds a ledger book with a head count of 85. Orsik finds a bolthole to come up from somewhere below.

Some members of the watch took a short rest and helped Therak bring Viet to the Valdann clan to treat him and to send someone to summon our whole watch members. The Watch members then headed down into the bolthole while Orisk search for traps. Orsik notice a hidden room splattered with blood and the remains of dismembered slaves of approximately 75 dead around the altar. Members of the remaining watch followed Orsik towards the altar. The bodies of human, Halfling, gnomes and orcs were identified. The altar looked similar to the altar the youngbeards saw in the cavern off the aqueduct.

The defunct Dwerrowen Watch members continue through another door that leads to a false stairways going up to a hallway. Orsik took the watch to places that he wasn’t allowed to explore before. They checked the barracks and notice it was well kept compared to the other areas. Orsik finds a scroll case and hands it over to Yardin to read.

Bog from Wergal Clan the Barbarian was sent while Viet recuperated.

After searching the ship the members of the watch met with the council to report the dangers to Trailsend regarding the crypt upon the side of the caldera. A runner was sent to check on the guards who were on duty at the hillside crypts. The council allowed the youngbeards to check upon the unheard from guards, but unfortunately when they got there the guards and the runner was not to be found.

The authorized members of the watch entered the crypt and as they turned the corner it was notice many rows of Dwerrowcraft armor upon dials situated in recessed alcoves. Orsik wanted to take a closer look and as he stepped toward the armor it animated and began to attack.

The first armor was taken down fast but the rest surrounded Orsik. The companions quickly dispatched the animated armor but unfortunately, the statues outside the crypts door sealed us inside the crypt, unfortunately the Dwerrow armor after the battle appeared to be not useful.

The companions adventured around the corner and Orsik notice a well in the ground. While he was searching the hallway, the adventures were attacked by a stone golem. When in the mist of the battle, Yardin whelped as an air elemental came up through the well. The elemental knocked out Yardin, not too long after Orsik was dealt several blows from the stone golem. Yardin was able to deal enough damage for Bog to finish off the elemental in mortal combat.

With the watch members resources running low they focused on the golem. Soon the remaining watch members manage to take it down in glorious Dwerrowen fashion. Battle worn, the fellowship decided to head back to the entrance to rest for the night, luckily for the small group, Orsik was able to unlock the front doors so they could rest outside for the evening.


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