DeepMountain Syndicate

DeepMountain Session Ten

Accounts told by Falvard’s journal.

DAY 31

The members of the watch headed back into the crypt with the rest of the militia waiting outside. They soon returned to the room with the golem, which had a door at the far side. Orsik didn’t notice any traps or sound coming from the other side. Lucky for the small group, the lock was easily picked by him.

Area 3 & 4: We entered a large room with a large coal pit and two braziers on either side of it. The décor of the room had a forge motif. Orsik and Bog inspected the braziers and the pit and found nothing out of the ordinary. Beyond the pit was a door, which Orsik decided to inspect. Once Orsik began to fiddle with the door, three creatures of fire appeared, 2 from the braziers and a larger one from the pit. Orsik was the first to get knocked out after realizing his attacks were pretty much ineffective against the creatures. Yardin cast darkness before firing his spells at the mass of flames. Bog decides to try and break down the door since most of our party was trapped in a hallway with the fire beasts at the other end. Therak goes on defense and heals Orsik. During the battle, we notice the other two smaller fire creatures didn’t move and our party decided to focus on the larger fire mass. Orsik rolled away and managed to open the door to the other side. Unfortunately, that triggered the fell fire beast to blaze through us to prevent anyone from entering. The fire damage was enough to take out Orsik, which allowed the creature to focus his attacks on Bog. Our party finally was able to figure out that spells and magic weapons were the only things that were effective against this creature. I manage to get some attacks in between healing. Orsik resumed his method of rolling away once healed. This time the fire beast was attacked by an animated carpet since his flames began damaging it. This was a welcome breather as we had a few seconds to heal up and reposition ourselves before the beast of fire destroyed the carpet. We weren’t lucky enough for the second carpet to come to life. We finally manage to take down the flames. Battered and low on resources we decided to leave the other two living flames alone and take a short rest. We headed down the hallway from where we rested and came across a magical warded door, which Orsik was able to detect, but couldn’t open. The rest of the hallway ended in stairs, which led into water. Our party left this hallway and returned to the area where we fought the animated armor to take the stairwell and passageway leading up.

Area 5: The stairs leads up to an elongated room with two Iron like bulls on the far side of the room in front a hallway with stairs going down. As we entered, the iron bulls were actually not statues but alive and started to attack us. The bulls first sprayed their gas to try to immobilize us. Afterwards they set their eyes on Therak and flanked him. Orsik and Bog fought one while the rest of us focused on the other one. The battle ended quickly compare to our last fight. Not needing to take a short rest, we continued downwards.

Area 6: As we headed to an intersection one going left and the other right. We notice our rogue Orsik vanished. It wasn’t long and we heard a crash and whelp as a trap door appeared below our fellow comrade. Unfortunately this wasn’t the last as our rogue fell through another intersect on the left side of the path.

Area 7: The door was unlocked and as we entered, the room smelled of brimstone and in the center of the room was a cylinder of smoke and magical runes etched on the ground. Orsik noticed several items and coin piled in the centered and came up with a plan to use a rope to drag out some of the treasure. Unfortunately for us, by doing so we release some type of demonic creature that was sealed. The creature quickly attacked Bog and Therak grappling them to prevent them from moving. Knowing this was too much for our small party to handle, Yardin made the decision to retreat and gather our militia at the entrance to have a better chance to dispatch this creature. Orsik followed suit and I stayed behind as long as possible to make sure the other could escape. Therak ordered the remaining party to retreat while he makes a last stand. I retreated only to hear the screams of Bog and Therak before I fell into a pit. I used a potion of gases form to help climb back up and hoped that I can reunite with my party and defeat this creature before it escapes into Trailsends.


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